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life is easy, son. it’s just like riding a bike that’s on fire and you’re on fire and everything is on fire and you’re in hell

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Hanging in the hallway at a friend’s #muffstache #calendar #missapril #ohheythatsme #pssstwestillhavecalendars #muffstachedotorg

Hanging in the hallway at a friend’s #muffstache #calendar #missapril #ohheythatsme #pssstwestillhavecalendars #muffstachedotorg


i may not be able to draw pretty flowers

or write beautiful poems

but i can love you at 2am when no one else will

and maybe that makes it worth it

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how the pussy should be eaten:

  • like it’ll pay off all their student loans.
  • like the key to happiness is buried in there.
  • like they’ll be granted a tax free life.
  • like they heard the fountain of youth was in there. 
  • like it’ll grant you three wishes for whatever you heart desires.  
  • like its the last supper and you trying to be the 13th disciple.

That first one

This cracks me up

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uuuuuugh haven’t been able to do anything the last few days, snap out of it!!!


it’s weird how it’s socially acceptable to put someone else’s genitals in your mouth but eating a dorito off the floor after a few seconds is gross what a fuckin double standard

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We have a natural tendency to assume that a remarkable chemistry between two souls is confirmation that they are meant to be together. In the heat of profound feelings, it seems counter-intuitive to imagine ourselves separate from our beloved. But chemistry and longevity are not natural bedfellows. Just because we feel earth-shatteringly alive with someone doesn’t mean they are supposed to be our …life partner. They may have come for a very different reason - to awaken us, to expand us, to shatter us so wide open that we can never close again. Perhaps they were sent from afar to polish the rough diamond of your soul before vanishing into eternity. Perhaps they just came to give you new eyes. Better we surrender our expectations when the beloved comes. (S)he may just be dropping in for a visit.